Does your organization suffer from these problems?
--These are pain points that can be solved!


Information is siloed, scattered or missing

  • It’s difficult to get the right information at the right level (summary, detailed) to make a decision. Information has be to manipulated to be usable.
  • Excel reports are used extensively - they can be incorrect.
  • We don’t know what we don’t know..  we are missing a lot of data!

Departments are siloed

  • Staff does what they think is right for their area, it’s not always right for the company overall.
  • There is not very much cross-department collaboration.
  • Sometimes departmental initiatives conflict with each other.

We can’t meet our objectives

  • We routinely miss order shipping & financial targets.
  • We have KPI’s but meeting them doesn’t seem to give us the results we are looking for.
  • We often have late shipments or have shipment issues.
  • We often have to delay project schedules.
  • We have so many #1 Priorities, we can’t get them all done.

Our processes have many manual components & “workarounds”

  • Some of our staff spend much of their time doing paperwork.
  • Our systems don’t always handle our current business processes well.
  • Some customer interactions are a problem from start to finish.

Our employees seem continually overwhelmed

  • Even routine daily work seems to be stressful to some.
  • More than a few employees are resistant to change or fail to fully adopt the new processes & tools we put in place.
  • Meltdowns & co-worker conflict happen too often.